November 28, 2010

Pre-requisites for QTP Automation Process

The following are pre-requisites or dependencies for QTP automation process:
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with the use of QTP;
  • Quality Centre (QC) and QTP installed and configured;
  • QC and QTP are integrated;
  • QTP Add-Ins are installed (if required);
  • QC user groups are defined and granted access to Quality Centre projects;
  • The application or product is in a stable state;
  • Creation of new automated scripts requires existing manual test cases to have been executed successfully. This task is performed by the application tester or business representative and is performed prior to handover to QTP automation.
  • The manual test cases must have been executed successfully and that there are no other changes in the application.  Existing automated scripts can be updated directly to reflect the changes as part of maintenance releases.
  • All test cases must start and end at the same point. This is normally the First screen of the application. This allows for test cases to be batched together into a test suite.
  • All environment, software or data table changes must be advised to the automated testing team. There will potentially be an impact on the running of automated test cases with the introduction of these changes.
  • The test cases must not be data dependant.  All data required in the test case must be created in the test case. In the event that data cannot be created and the test case is data dependant, the data must be able to be restored, or manipulated back to the initial state after a test case updates the data. This then allows for any test case to be rerun at anytime.

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