June 23, 2017

UFT 14.00 and its Features

A while ago we've got introduced to UFT 14.00 directly from 12.54 (v.13 was actually skipped) which came in with multiple new features and updates. With that beign said please find more details below:

1. UFT License Changes / Updates

Bassically they introduced three new license versions eachone bringin in a different sub-set of functionality and these are:
  • UFT Ultimate - inlcudes UFT, UFT Pro (LeanFT), Sprinter, BPT, Mobile Center
  • UFT Enterprise - inlcudes UFT, UFT Pro (LeanFT), Sprinter
  • UFT Pro (LeanFT) - inlcudes UFT Pro (LeanFT) 
You can find more details on HP-UFT and UFT-Licenses.
By the way, if you previously had a UFT license then it is now called UFT Enterprise while if you had a LeanFT licence in past the not it is called UFT Pro (LeanFT).

2. Integration of UFT with Microsoft TFS CI Systems

UFT can now work with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) CI using the UFT TFS Extension

3. Record and Run Settings were Redesigned

In order to make it easier to be used and enhance users experience the configurations forms were totally redesigned as below:

4. GUI tests Test Combinations Generator

This tool was basicaly created to help with:
  • generating sets of parameters values for the Global Data Table automatically
  • composite parameters generation (parameters build out of multiple parameter values)
  • excluding the parameters from the generated configuration 

See more about Generating Test Configurations

5. UFT Help is available Online as Default

But you can still download a copy and switch the defaults to your local drive, see more on UFT 14.00 Download Help Center.

Videos are now also available through the Help portal.

6. Enhancements for Mobile Testing

With the new Mobile Center 2.20 UFT is now supporting the Sensor Simulation Operations on the Mobile Devices.
A Mobile Center Help iis available too.

7. MQTT protocol gets API Testing Support

If the service level of your application uses the MQTT protocol for communication then you can use the API tests.

8. The new Sniper mode

To quickly learn the objects in a given area of the application you ca now use the new Sniper mode - by using it you can capture all the objects in an area of the application simply by selecting the needed area of your application.
See more details here

9. Localization and UFT Tool Support changes

The installation of UFT is now available in multiple languages:
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
The UFT JRE Tool is no longer available after the installation
The Extensibility Accelerator was removed from the setup of UFT but it still can be downloaded from here.

10. Enhancements Technology-Specific

The ability to test various applications on different technologies was also improved:
  • Flex - double clicks usage with the DblClick method for all objects, ActivateCell method for FlexTable objects, working with FlexTable objects is now possible outside individual table cells.
  • UI Automation - the native object methods including descriptive programming usage for these objects and the UIAutomation Utility object got better support. See more details  about Native UI Automation methods and the UIAutomation Utility object in the UFT Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.
  • Oracle - new OracleCalendar and OraclePickList objects for OracleForms 12c support were added.
  • Java - Java 8 is now installed in a budle together with UFT 14.00 and you don't need to add the -noverify attribute when working with apps on Java 8 anymore.

Additional New Technologies and Framework Support:

  • The latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Autopass License Server 9.3
  • EXT-JS 6.0
  • SiebelOpenUI 16
  • Safari 10.12 ("Sierra")
  • SAPUI5 1.38
  • Visual Studio 2015 for the Testing Extensibility SDK
  • Solution Manager 7.2
  • Delphi Berlin 10.1
  • SAP Hybris

See more within the Unified Functional Testing Product Availability Matrix.

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