April 4, 2011

Create a function which returns a random number

How to set a "randomValue" to a variable and How to run an UPDATE within a Data Base using this variable
'set a random number - this function will be called to do updates
Function RandomNr
upperbound = 1000-1
lowerbound = i
For i=1 to upperbound
RndNr = Int((upperbound - lowerbound + 1) * Rnd + lowerbound)
RandomNr = RndNr
End Function

DB Update using the "RandomNr" function above:
updateCol1data = UCASE("update tableName set ColumnHere = '" & RandomNr & "' WHERE columnName='value'")

'querying an 'UPDATE' for a fields within DB
Public Function DBUpdate(updateCol1data)
 set conn = createobject("adodb.connection")
 conn.open "DSN=DSN_SERVERhere; UserID=userID; Password=password;"
 conn.Execute updateCol1data
End Function

Now to call this function use next:
DBUpdate updateCol1data


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