June 23, 2017

UFT 14.00 and its Features

A while ago we've got introduced to UFT 14.00 directly from 12.54 (v.13 was actually skipped) which came in with multiple new features and updates. With that beign said please find more details below:

1. UFT License Changes / Updates

Bassically they introduced three new license versions eachone bringin in a different sub-set of functionality and these are:
  • UFT Ultimate - inlcudes UFT, UFT Pro (LeanFT), Sprinter, BPT, Mobile Center
  • UFT Enterprise - inlcudes UFT, UFT Pro (LeanFT), Sprinter
  • UFT Pro (LeanFT) - inlcudes UFT Pro (LeanFT) 
You can find more details on HP-UFT and UFT-Licenses.
By the way, if you previously had a UFT license then it is now called UFT Enterprise while if you had a LeanFT licence in past the not it is called UFT Pro (LeanFT).

2. Integration of UFT with Microsoft TFS CI Systems

UFT can now work with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) CI using the UFT TFS Extension