December 6, 2010

QTP's Global Settings and Options

To set global testing options Choose Tools > Options or click the Options toolbar button.

November 28, 2010

Pre-requisites for QTP Automation Process

The following are pre-requisites or dependencies for QTP automation process:
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with the use of QTP;
  • Quality Centre (QC) and QTP installed and configured;
  • QC and QTP are integrated;
  • QTP Add-Ins are installed (if required);
  • QC user groups are defined and granted access to Quality Centre projects;
  • The application or product is in a stable state;
  • Creation of new automated scripts requires existing manual test cases to have been executed successfully. This task is performed by the application tester or business representative and is performed prior to handover to QTP automation.

November 14, 2010

Introduction to QTP

What QTP means?
   Quick Test Professional – is widely / most popularly used as Functional and Regression Test Automation Tool. It was initially developed by Mercury Interactive and then acquired by HP.
   Quick Test Professional – captures, verifies and replays user interactions automatically and helps testers quickly identify and report on application effects, while providing advanced functionality for tester collaboration.
   Quick Test Professional – the user friendly IDE which has Keyword view, Expert view, DataTable, Active screen, object repository editor/manager, step generator, function generator, object highlight feature, intelligence, recovery scenario manager, update run feature and simple Test/Action handling features makes the Script developing/execution work easy. The IDE is integrated with useful tools such as ObjectSpy. The IDE has standard development features such as Debug.
   Quick Test Professional – supports Windows and Web based Applications.

November 3, 2010

First POST!

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